In Tent Costa are experts in delivering the best materials for construction. And now one of the most innovative and effective materials is Ytong, aerated concrete manufactured by Xella Mark, which we distribute.

Here are a few indications to help you to know this product better. But if you want to see the product and that we give you some explanations about, come to visit us to our store in La Xara.

What is Ytong?
Ytong is the name that has given the brand its product Xella aerated concrete. It is a building material with high flexibility in the use and excellent physical qualities that allow excellent thermal insulation. And that allows professionals to respond very effectively to market needs.

Why is it so effective Ytong?
A good building material should provide good thermal insulation, fire-safe protection and a pleasant climate to live. And besides, a high resistance to pressure to achieve high stability of the masonry. But just that, made to order, ask one quick and easy installation and excellent performance by building internal and external walls. And of course, that is organic and environmentally friendly, which is composed primarily of natural raw materials and saving you energy. For all that you ask, is what gives Ytong. What do you think?

What are its main features?

  • Sound insulation.
  • Highly resistant to fire.
  • High load capacity.
  • Resistance to earthquakes.
  • Ecological.
  • Easy to work.
  • Insulation.
  • Greater thermal comfort that ensures a high standard of living.

What type of work is adequate Ytong?
For virtually all of them. Professionals who want to use aerated concrete Ytong can do in their new building projects and renovations, both residential and industrial-level work. From the basement to the roof, from the external walls and load bearing partition walls to the inner lining, it provides YTONG appropriate formats and thicknesses: blocks and masonry units, a system of separation walls, facade panels, lintels, U shaped blocks and blocks of concrete splitting. They facilitate the construction so you can work as if riding a modular system.

Does the building Ytong cheaper?
Of course. Advanced technology allows YTONG materials, taking into account the overall cote a work, make significant savings, even being more competitive. In addition, isolation of the blocks allocated YTONG guarantees one of the lowest operating costs of heating.

Where I can use the Ytong?
YTONG building system offers a range of material that meets the needs of the work of a building.

  • Roof.
  • Ceiling.
  • Exterior walls.
  • Interior walls.

Which products Ytong can I find in Tent Costa?

  • YTONG Blocks
  • YTONG Modulblocks
  • YTONG brick blocks
  • YTONG Lintels
  • Non-bearing lintels YTONG
  • YTONG horizontal armed elements
  • Vertical reinforcement blocks YTONG
  • Platelets YTONG formwork
  • Slabs and decks

How can I know more about Ytong?

  • You can come to Tent Costa store in La Xara and our professionals will advise you and show you the product.
  • You can enter in and access to news of Ytong.
  • And you can download a pdf technical information by clicking here.

expertos en ytong expertos en ytong
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