Cement, bricks, girders, Ytong, floor tiles, container bags, blocks, tools, safety equipment… All what a professional of the construction could need, you can find it in Tent Costa.

In our material store from la Xara, very closed to Denia, we offer you the best service to professionals, companies and clients from the whole Marina Alta. We have more than 10.000 m2 where you can find all kind of products and brands with the best prices to make easier the harder work.

Waterproofing and damps treatments:

  • Asphalt coating
  • American tegola
  • Emulsions
  • Plastic painting
  • Waterproof mortars:
    • -Cellars
    • -Swimming pools
    • -Cisterns
    • -Lift shafts

Treatment of concrete or constructive solutions:

  • Repairs: new construction and renovation
  • Anchorages
  • Front mortars: decoration and renovation of fronts
  • Treatment of floor tiles:
    • -Patching
    • -Grading
    • -Chipping or breakage
    • -Printed pavement

Thermal and acoustic insulation:

  • Laminates to impact noise and air
  • Mineral plates
  • Polystyrene extruded and expanded

Domestic purification:

  • Septic tanks
  • Fat separators
  • Total oxidation sewage station
  • Liquid storage:
    • -Water tanks
    • -Tanks
    • -Drinking water collection tankss

Concrete prefabricated:

  • Floor tiles: terrace and swimming pool
  • Wall tiles
  • Lattices
  • Balusters and supplements
  • Artificial stone
  • Accessories for the garden
  • Terrazzo

Protection and maintenance from all the surfaces:

  • Detergents: removers of grout residues and building-site dirt
  • Water repellent protection: protect surfaces against external aggressions. Water-resistant and stain resistant
  • Waxes: protection against traffic, extending the life of pavements
  • Oils: treatment with an alternative to painted wood
  • Ready to use: spray products, for all household surfaces
  • Polish: dual action cleaning and protection.

Clay products:

  • Manual tile
  • Tile mechanics
  • Caravan
  • Tovas


  • Imitation tile plate
  • Fiber cement board
  • Polyester plates

Natural stones and marbles.

Our wide range of building products and immediate service is a reference in seriousness and professional treatment. This is why we have over 30 years working with construction professionals of Denia, Pedreguer, Javea, Ondara, La Xara

And you, you still do not know us?

STORE: Casa Blanca A1/1
03709 La Xara
96 578 58 64
BUILDING SHOP: Crta. Nac. 332, Km 192
03750 Pedreguer
96 576 09 98
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